Our Bank participates these credits as an intermediator or provides letter of guarantee or accepts the policy as collateral against direct lendings from Eximbank.

Pre-financing Loan is a type of loan used to finance purchase of goods and services in sales and deliveries that qualify as exports and other foreign currency generating activities. Pre-financing loan is obtained by a vendor itself from its buyer in another country or from international markets and is made available through a bank or a private finance institution in Turkey, which may or may not act as a guarantor. The maximum term of the loan is 18 months. As the pre-financing loans are obtained from international markets, the interest rates are usually lower than the interest rates of foreign currency loans in Turkey.

It is the type of loan that companies provide from the seller abroad or from international markets to finance their imports and put to use via our bank.

Eximbank Loans are lines of credit made available by Export Credit Bank of Turkey (Eximbank) to enhance exports by the mediation of banks.