The main corporate banking principles of the Bank are, “Boutique Service”, “Continuous Development” and “Customer Loyalty”.

“Boutique Service” principle –The Bank offers to the customers that it sees as its business partner, not only the traditional solutions, but also solution oriented and diversified boutique services and; thus adopting as a principle, building efficient, sustainable and productive relationships with them.

“Continuous Development” principle – Having adopted the corporate governance mentality and continuous development principle, the Bank follows the current developments in the finance sector, and offers customized solutions to its customers by correctly identifying their needs and by improving its service infrastructure. Our objective is to foresee the future needs of customers by paying regard to the ever-increasing competition and to the constant developments in the world and in Turkey, and to offer them the financing alternatives that are most suitable for them. Here, our motto is mutual benefit.

“Customer Loyalty” principle – Our prioritized target is to achieve high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Thus, our principle is to know our customers well, to treat them scrupulously and to create relationships based on trust.

“Regional Player”-  principle Our Bank is the only bank in Turkey, the main shareholder of which is Azerbaijani. With the support of its main shareholder, which is one of the prominent financial institutions of Azerbaijan, and by taking advantage of the opportunity to cooperate it, our Bank is offering banking products and services to the firms with Azerbaijani origin that operate in Turkey. We also intend to win a share of the business that is associated with Georgia, by cooperating with PASHA Bank Georgia, a subsidiary of the PASHA Group that operated in Georgia. The volume of trade and investments among the three countries, which are located on the energy corridor through which the oil and natural gas of the Caspian region is carried to the European market, is increasing every day. Our Bank is positioned in the best possible way to win a share from this every growing business relations.