A revolving loan facility provides a borrower with a maximum aggregate amount of capital, available over a specified period of time. Each loan is borrowed for a set period of time, usually one, three or six months, after which time it is technically repayable. The borrower is only billed for the amount that is actually borrowed plus any interest due.

Spot loans are loans whereby the interest rate is determined on the date the loan is used and its principal and interest repayments are collected at the end of maturity. One of the most important features of spot loan is that its period can be set on a weekly, monthly and even on a daily basis; and another one is that the determined interest rate is locked until the maturity date.

Discount Loans are a type of loan which enables to convert the commercial notes arising from a commercial activity and has not yet due into cash. The credit is provided at the amount remained after the interest expense calculated over the note amount are deducted and for the period elapsed from the presentation date of the note to the bank till the maturity date. This credit facility provides cash by discounting the notes to meet the short-term financing needs of the companies who have a wide undue notes portfolio. Whether the payment is to be made within the boundaries of the municipality or not determines the discounting method of the notes.

Loan for all type of borrower’s cash needs either in TL or in the form of FX-indexed loan with flexible repayment plan and terms. It is the type of loan that is extended for lump sum use. It differs based on the needs of borrower and is repaid monthly and in equal installments as capital + interest + other deductions within the defined maturity period.

FX Indexed Loans are granted in TL terms by indexing the amount to a foreign currency and do not include export commitments in equal installments, revolving or as a spot loan

Working Capital loans are one-off loans that are obtained from abroad in a foreign currency by residents of Turkey and are offered in TL through banks. As there are no term limitations, they provide flexibility in your payments. Thus you can invest in your business without experiencing payment difficulties.

It is a type of loan to finance export, sales, export-related activities, as well as foreign currency generating activities, provided that the export contract is fulfilled. If this is the case, you can be exempt from taxes, dues, charges and funds (RUSF) with this type of loan. It is possible to use the loan as spot or revolving.