Treasury bills are domestic borrowing notes with a maturity of less than one year and the government bonds with a maturity of one year and longer that are issued by the Treasury of the Republic of Turkey. Both the principal and the interest are guaranteed to be paid to you in both treasury bills and government bonds in case of holding till the end of maturity.  Sales of both products are possible on the secondary market before the maturity. In this case, market conditions at that date will prevail.

You can realize your trading transactions on Treasury bonds and bills through customer representatives of our bank by selecting the bills and bonds that are compatible with your risk profile. If you wish, you can issue direct orders on the Bonds and Bills Market of the Istanbul Stock Exchange or invest in the primary market by bidding through our bank for the tenders held by the Undersecretariat of the Treasury.

You can realize your transactions with the value date of the same day between  09:30 and 14:00 hours and those with a future value date between 09:30 and 17:00 hours.

Eurobonds are medium- and long-term bonds issued abroad, denominated in a currency other than their own national currencies , by institutions, companies, or states to obtain funding.  
Characteristics :

  • They are bonds with a maturity from 5 to 30 years in general.
  • They are issued mostly in USD and EUR.
  • Coupons on fixed-yield USD bonds are payable twice a year, those on EUR bonds are payable once a year.
  • They can be monetized before the  maturity under the market conditions at the date of transaction.
  • The value date in the transactions on the secondary market is T+3 business days.
  • Coupon payments of Eurobonds are made in the foreign currency in which the bonds issued were denominated.
  • Physical delivery is not possible.

If you consider long-term investments in terms of foreign currency, you can choose Eurobonds.  You can monetize them before the end of the maturity. In this case, market conditions at that date would prevail.  You can get detailed information from the customer representatives of our bank.