Our Values

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The “backbone”: essence and the basis of PASHA Bank philosophy. Integrity in everything: conduct of business both for the bank and the client; integrity of the image in society; integrity in dealing with regulator.


The visible and tangible element of the bank’s philosophy. Something that should be applied to all aspects of PASHA Bank existence and can be measured. Quality of services and products, quality of the work done, quality of the relationship between the people both horizontally and vertically.


We can only reach success working as one team, both within the bank, with the customers, across the strategic assets and other stakeholders.


The key to success and sustainability is ownership of the goals, strategy and the vision of the Bank. Only by owning them we can remain dynamic and agile to capture new opportunities and keep open mind and heart for innovations.


The natural outcome of previous four elements. In PASHA Bank case profitability can not exist independently. We don’t proclaim “profitability at all costs”, it should be reached as the result of all other values.