Financing of Foreign Trade

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 Regional Export Guarantees

This is a guarantee given by our Bank, through PASHA Bank Azerbaijan and PASHA Bank Georgia, for receivables that from the sale of goods or services to the firms in Azerbaijan and Georgia.

While, on the one hand, buyer's payment/credit risk as well as the risks that may arise from the laws of these countries are covered by such a guarantee, on the other hand, exports to these countries will increase. Out Bank can also provide financing under the scope of this guarantee.

 Rediscount Loans

Rediscount loans are the loans provided to companies by rediscounting — at interest rates determined by the Central Bank — of the notes they issue as the debtor, in foreign currency, for the purpose of financing their foreign currency generating services.

 Eximbank Loans

Eximbank loans are loans that are granted by the Export Credit Bank of Turkey (Eximbank) to exporters, directly or through other banks, in order to support exports. They can be short, medium or long-term loans.

You can find the necessary information as to the details of the loan as well as on practical issues and interest rates at


It is irrevocable purchase of your receivables — arising from your export transactions, for which an instrument such as letter of credit, note, policy, which is guaranteed by the importer's bank, and that has not become due for payment — by our Bank.

It provides the exporter with irrevocable financing and is not reflected on its balance sheet as a loan. It allows importers to imports without using a cash credit.