Our Banking Principles

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The main banking principles of the Bank are the "Boutique Service", "Continuous Improvement", "Customer Loyalty", and "Regional Player" principles. 

The"Boutique Service" principle: The Bank sees its customers as business partners and thus remains faithful to the principles of provision of solution-oriented and multi-faceted boutique services, and of establishment of effective, sustainable, and productive relationships with them. 

The “Continuous Improvement” principle: Having adopted the understanding of corporate governance and continuous development, the Bank closely follows the current developments in the financial sector; improves its services infrastructure and; offers specific solutions to its customers by identifying their needs correctly. Our goal is to anticipate the future needs of our customers that will emerge as the result of ever-increasing competitive conditions and rapid changes in the World and in Turkey's economy, and to develop the most suitable financing alternatives for them. Our principle here is to ensure that both parties win.

The “Customer Loyalty” principle: Our primary goal is to achieve high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty. For this reason, our principle is to get to know our customers well, to always adhere to our codes of conduct, and to establish customer relations based on trust.

The “Regional Player” principle: Our Bank is the only bank that is set up in Turkey, and that has shareholders domiciled in Azerbaijan. It offers banking products to the companies from Azerbaijan and Georgia that operate in Turkey and; provides them with the support of its shareholders, which is among Azerbaijan's leading holding groups, as well as with the opportunity to cooperate with its subsidiary that operates in Georgia. Our bank bears is the only bank in Turkey that can effect transactions in Manat and Lira.


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