Leasing (Sale and Lease Back)

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You can acquire the resource you need by transferring the title to the immovable properties included among the assets of your company, at the price determined by an expert, by means of Sale and Leaseback and; after finishing all repayments by the maturity date, you can you can receive the title to them again. The advantages of this are as follows:

  • You can revalue the immovable property with book value at its current value, and by this way you will have increased the value of that asset.
  • You can extend the maturity dates of your liabilities, improving you balance sheet as well as your cashflow.
  • If there is any VAT that is payable to you, you can receive that VAT after invoicing the property to our bank under the Sale and Lease Back arrangement.
  • The entire earning from the sale of the immovable property under the Sale and Lease Back arrangement are exempted from Corporation Tax, without having to keep them among your assets for at least two years.
  • Sale of such leased property to the lessee, its lease or transfer to the seller is exempted from Value Added Tax.
  • Sale and Lease Back transaction is exempted from land register charge. Only a charge at 0.455% of the leasing transaction value will be paid at the very beginning.