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• It is a type of loan made available to individuals to buy a house. 
• The collateral of the loan is the lien on the house to be bought.
• The interest rate is fixed.
• Changes in the interest rates in the market have no effect.
• You can select equal installments and interim payments option.
• The maximum maturity is 60 months.
• You can use a loan up to 70% of the appraisement value of the house you will buy.
• You can draw your loan in TL, AZN, USD, or EUR.

 Terms and Conditions of the Mortgage

• You can collateralize the loan with the house you will buy. The Bank may, as needed, require a guarantor.
• Where early payment of one or more installments of a fixed interest loan is requested, and if the remaining length of time to the maturity is not more than 36 months, 1.00%, or if it is more than 36 months, 2.00% of the principal amount will be charged for expenses.
• Mortgage can be disbursed only to real persons and only to buy an immovable property that is specified as a “house” in the land register.

 Application Process

To apply for a mortgage, you can send an email to, dial 0212 705 89 00, or visit us at our Head Office address. 

Consideration of your application will start after you submit all required documents.

Documents required for application:

- Loan Application Form

- Photocopy of the Birth Certificate/TC ID Card

- Income Certificate

  • A payroll for either salary for the latest 2 months or a statement written on a letterhead, and undersigned by the company authorities; the circular of authorized signatories list; the authorization certificate
  • For self-employed persons, a photocopy of the tax registration certificate
  • For retirees, a photocopy of their pension book
  • A copy of the lease contract to substantiate lease income – if any 

- A photocopy of the title deed of the house that will be bought

- The original copy of the invoice, written to the client’s name, for the subscription service, or a certificate of domicile, issued in the last 3-months

Appraisement Assessment

If following the preliminary approval, you have delivered the required documents, the appraisement phase will start. The most important part of the appraisal process is to determine the amount of the loan to be disbursed. You can draw a loan for as much as a certain ratio of the appraisement value. On the report to be prepared by any appraisal company, authorized by the Capital Markets Board, the market value of the house will be estimated, and a loan at the amount to be determined with reference to such estimation will be disbursed.

Repayment Schedule

Your repayment schedule will be set in accordance with your budget and the frequency of repayment installments you desire. 
Lien and Sale Processes

Sale and lien process will be carried out with the personnel, to be specially assigned for this purpose by our Bank, at the time of the appointment you will have made with the Land Registry with which the house you wish to buy is registered. The lien process will be concluded, and thus you will have your house.

 Mortgage Calculator

Please click here for mortgage calculator

Our Bank is entitled and authorized to change the interest rates according to the market conditions, to freely consider the loan application, and to reject the application it deems unacceptable. The loan amounts and the maturity periods on the table are intended as examples. For information on the ultimate interest rate, maturity, installments, loan amounts, and the expenses and commissions to be charged, you can contact us at or 0212 705 89 00.

 Frequently Asked Questions

• Who can apply for mortgage?

Clients who are elder than 18 years of age and who, at the end of the maturity period, would not be older than 55 can use a mortgage. Our Bank is free to consider the applications within the scope of our loan policies.

• What are the conditions for using mortgage?

The collateral of the loan is the lien on the house to be bought. The Bank may, as needed, require a guarantor. Mortgages can be disbursed only to real persons and only to buy an immovable property that is specified as a “house” in the land register.

• What are the documents required to apply for mortgage?

The documents required from any person who is a resident of Turkey are the photocopy of the house to be bought, the birth certificate/TC ID photocopy, any telephone, electricity, gas, water, or mobile phone invoice (issued within the last 3 months) to the client’s name and on which his/her address is written, payroll or income statement. For the documents required from any non-resident or Azerbaijan citizen, you can contact us at or 0212 705 89 00. 

Upon looking into these documents, our Bank can ask for additional documents or collateral.

• How to find the appraisement value of the house?

The appraisement value depends on the age, location, square meter area of the house to be bought.

• Can a foreigner use mortgage?

Only Azerbaijan-citizen foreign nationals can use mortgage. 

• Can, a house for which loan installments are still to be paid, be sold?

The house can be sold to a third person before the end of the maturity period and without paying the loan off, but then the purpose of acquiring a house would not have been fulfilled, and the owner party of the loan agreement will change and; banking and insurance tax (BSMV) will, according to the written opinion of the Revenue Administration, be levied on the sums received from the date of acquisition of the house, and resource utilization support fund (KKDF) will be withheld from the amount of interest to be accrued after that date.

• I have received the title deed not long ago. Can I know apply for a house loan?

Application for mortgage , the title deed of which has already been obtained, is not allowed.

• If the house is registered in the land registry as land but not as a house, can a loan be disbursed for it?

If the status of the property is “land,” mortgage cannot be disbursed.

• For how long will an approved loan be valid? When will a loan not used be rescinded?

An approved loan will be valid for 30 days from the starting date of the process.  Loans not used within 30 days are rescinded. 

• Can I repay my mortgage installments before maturity?

You can pay off the entire loan before maturity or pay any installment before the due date. If you do so where there is 36 months or less to the maturity of the paid-off loan, a Break Cost for as much as 1.00%, or if there are more than 36 months, for as much as 2.00% of the principal amount will be charged.

• How can I make mortgage calculations?

You can make loan calculations by clicking on the “Mortgage Calculator” button and entering the maturity and interest rate information.  

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