Human Resources Policies

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 Working Environment

We offer our employees a pleasant, non-hierarchical working environment at our Bank in which their ideas are valued and opportunities to further develop themselves exist.

 Recruitment and Career Management

Our bank's recruitment policy is based on the principle of procuring qualified human resources with a high potential in line with our goals and strategies, corporate values, and competencies.

The recruitment process begins with a clear determination of the duties and responsibilities, qualifications and competencies required for each position.

The vacant positions are announced on recruitment  websites and applications by candidates are evaluated.

In the recruitment process;

  • Competency-based interviews and competency inventories are implemented and carried out by human resources and unit managers
  • The process is completed by assessing the applicant's suitability with these criteria and corporate culture, and the excitement he / she has toward the business and the institution.

High performance and innovation are supported and encouraged within the scope of the Bank's human resources policy.

A career management system based on enriching career opportunities is adopted by giving priority to employees in meeting staff needs.

Employees' career plans are supported through in-house rotational and promotional practices.

Every employee who succeeds in our bank has the chance to promote to the top level as long as he/she maintains his/her success.

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 Training and Development

Our training activities are a process that is planned starting with one's recruitment with an aim of sustaining continuous development.

Our new employees are provided with an orientation program designed to familiarize them with the bank culture, to describe common values, and to enable them to adapt to PASHA Bank.

Employees are supported to realize their potential in line with PASHA Bank's strategy and business objectives through training programs supporting their professional and personal development through personalized investments.

 Performance Management

In performance appraisal, individual performance is managed in line with the Bank's targets and strategies in an effort to achieve better results for both employees and the Bank.

In our Bank, an "Open Performance Evaluation System" is implemented, in which our employees are evaluated according to their competencies and targets and the evaluation results are shared with them.

Suitability levels of the employees with the competencies of the Bank and the tasks are assessed against financial and/or non-financial SMART targets that have been pre-determined with the employees.

Performance evaluation results are used in our career planning, training, remuneration management, and rewarding systems.

 Remuneration Management

Our Bank's Remuneration Policy is supported by a fair internal rewarding strategy based on sectoral salary survey.

Sectorial practices related to remuneration and fringe benefits are monitored and necessary arrangements are made regarding annual wage increases and fringe benefits within the scope of existing practices.

Wage increases are reviewed once a year, taking into consideration the strategies of the Bank and the Human Resources unit, rates of increase in the industry, inflation rate, and individual performances.

Salaries are paid in gross terms on the last business day of each month over 12 months in a year.

Employees are rewarded with an annual bonus according to the value they would add to the bank.

Fringe benefits offered to our employees consist of;

  • Private Health Insurance (children and spouse who are taken care of by the policyholder are also covered by the private health insurance).
  • Life Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance,
  • Lunch Package,
  • Travel Expense,
  • Mobile phone depending on the position.


 The Leave Practices

The Labor Law applies to our leave practices; in addition, there are various administrative leave applications.

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