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The companies at times require financial resources or strategic partnerships to grow. It  has become a necessity for the companies to think and form strategy on global basis.  One  way to ensure strategic thinking goes through capital markets.

PASHA Yatırım Bankası A.Ş., provides its  customers  with services to create alternative financing to conventional credits within the  framework of  investment banking activities.

In addition to forming long lasting relationships with its customers, it aims to add value by  services and specially designed products following the thorough analysis of the company  and the industry.

To that end, it has activities in various fields of investment banking such as IPO  consultancy,  financial/strategic partnership, and divestiture, restructuring, preparing structured  product packages and organizing the sale of these products to investors.

The companies with the help of the financing provided,

  • Get relief from daily financial stress,
  • Increase profit margins through better management of their balance sheets,
  • Achieve growth,
  • Gain access to new markets, latest technologies,
  • Make headway on institutionalization.

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PASHA Bank Headquarters

Sultan Selim Mahallesi,
Hümeyra Sokak,
PASHA Plaza No:2/7
34415 Kağıthane / Istanbul - Turkey