Internet Banking Products and Services

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 Products & Services

Money Transfers

  • EFT / Remittance
  • Regular Money Transfers(TRY)

Investment Transactions

  • Repo / Bond Look Up
  • Foregin Currency Puschase / Sell (AZN/USD/EUR)


  • Account Look Up
  • Opening Checking Account


  • Loan Look Up
  • Payment Schedule Viewing
  • Payment of Loan Installment

 Instructions For Use

PASHA Online Registration

To register with PASHA Bank’s Internet branch, “PASHA Online,” prepared for its customers, you can apply by dialing 0212 705 89 00. 
After your registration procedure is concluded, your username will be notified to you, and your password for first-time login will be sent to your phone by SMS message.
After logging in for the first time, you must change the e-password, sent by SMS, and select a CAPTCHA.

PASHA Online Login

You can log in to PASHA Online by clicking on the link on our Bank’s website
On the web page that opens, enter the user code and password that belong to you. We recommend you use a virtual keyboard to enter them.
If you enter the wrong e-password three times in a row, you will be denied access. If your password is locked, you can contact our Bank by dialing 0212 705 89 00.
Be sure that the CAPTCHA appearing on the following screen is the one you had selected and then click the continue button to have your one-time SMS password sent to your mobile phone. The SMS password will shortly be sent to you. You will have three minutes to enter the password in the system. Any password not entered within such time will be void and you will have to get a new password.
If you forget your name or e-password, if your SMS password is not sent to you, or if you have changed your SIM card, you can call our Bank on 0212 705 89 00. Our communication line can be reached between 09:30 and 17:30.

Home Page

When you enter the Internet Branch homepage, on the menu on the left side, 3 different groups named Accounts, Security, and Settings appear.    
To return to the homepage after accessing any menu item, just click on the Homepage button above the menu.
From the menu above, you can see your five latest entries, and customize PASHA Online page’s background. You can also use the shortcut key on the Lookup Field to reach the screen on which you wish to perform a transaction.
We advise you to use the “secure exit” link that appears at the top of each page after you finish your PASHA Online transactions.

My Personal Menu

You can add the transactions you use frequently, on My Personal Menu, and access them quickly. To add items on My Personal Menu, click on the “+” button at the upper right on the transaction screen you want to add. After you add the “+” button, it will change to “-“ button. You can use the “-“ button to remove the transaction you have performed from My Personal Menu.


Account Details

On the Account Activities Menu, you can see the dates, sums, debit-credit status, and transaction types of all of your accounts and account activities. You can see your account activities for any criteria you have selected by signing in the circle alongside the account you are interested in, and then carry the results to an Excel file.
You can see all your open accounts with our bank on the Account Details Menu on one screen. To review your account details, all you have to do is to click on that particular account. To remember them easily, you can give aliases to your accounts. Using this menu, you can send the details of your accounts to your email address.

Bank Statement

You can see and print the statements of your accounts.

Cheque/Promissory Note Transactions

You can keep track of your cheques submitted to our Bank for collection or deposited as collateral on the Cheque Tracking Menu.
You can keep track of your promissory notes submitted to our Bank for collection or deposited as collateral on the Promissory Note Tracking Menu.  
On this menu, you can query note inflow, maturity, and outflow dates.

IBAN Transactions

You can see the IBAN details of all your open accounts with our bank on the IBAN Details Menu on one screen. For your account details, you can see more information when you click on them and can send them to your email address.


Using the Tracking Menu, you can keep track of all the credits disbursed to you by our Bank and you still repay.


You can set new e-passwords upon entering your current e-password details. For the security of your accounts, we advise you to change your -password periodically.


Mobile Phone Details
You can view the details of your registered mobile phone. 
ID Details 
You can view your recorded ID details.
Email Details
You can view and update your recorded email address.
Telephone and Fax Details
You can view and update your telephone and fax details, saved in our Bank.
Firm Details
You can view your corporate details



Records of client activities are, just as is the case with all Internet Banking services, kept as per “Regulation Pertaining to Information Systems of Banks and Electronic Banking Services,” dated 15 March 2020, for the protection of their interest.


  • To improve your Internet security and for safer transactions on the Internet, we advise you to use the up to date versions of the Internet browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, Yandex, and if you don’t, to update them free of charge on these software firms’ official websites. Among these browsers, we recommend you to use Internet Explorer.
  • To download the latest version of the browser of your choice, please click any of the links below.

Download Internet Explorer.
Download Google Chrome.
Download Mozilla Firefox.
Download Apple Safari.
Download Yandex Browser.
Download Opera Browser


  • The Internet Branch uses the GlobalSign Extended Validation SSL as the Internet server certificate, which enables you to tell the falsified sites from the secure sites.
  • When you click on the address line to enter the Internet Branch, the Extended Validation SSL Certificate will direct you to the list of secure sites. Make sure that you there “PASHA Yatirim Bankasi A.S.”


  • We would like to remind our respectable clients that to ensure their security and confidentiality at the highest level, they should pay attention to the following.
  • Your Bank may have to contact you in important situations. For this reason, you must make sure that your mobile phone and email details, kept by the Bank, are always up to date.

Do not open any documents like Word and Excel, or any application (.exe file), attached to the messages or emails received from people you do not know. If a web address is shared with you, we advise checking the permissions on your browser, like the active-x and java permissions.

  • Do not install any program if you do not know where it came from. Be especially careful if it has a .exe extension.
  • When using a VPN program or the DNS settings of the computer are changed, your Internet Banking security level drops. We advise you not to do transactions using DNS settings you do not trust.
  • To protect your computer, you need 3 different kinds of programs. An antivirus software, spyware, and a firewall. While some software can alone do all three, some do only one. There are paid and free versions of such programs.
  • Please be careful about the emails you receive. PASHA Bank never asks for your details or password via email. If you receive an email with such content, immediately dial 0212 705 89 00 and advise.
  • Do not share your PASHA Online Internet Branch password or one-time SMS password with anybody. Do not set your birthdate, name, surname, etc., as passwords because they can easily be guessed.


  • After your PASHA Online username and password, known only by you, you will be required to enter the password that will have been sent to your personal mobile number. This password ensures your secure access to the Internet Brach via any device.
  • Please do not share your SMS verification password with anybody. If you receive an SMS verification password for any occasion other than entering the Internet, do not share it with anybody, immediately dial 0212 705 89 00 and advise.


The captcha control you will have selected before will appear on PASHA Online, after your PASHA Online username and password.

This picture is for you to understand that you have access to the Internet Branch and Mobile Branch via PASHA Bank’s secure address and that you are effecting a transaction with PASHA Bank.


You can protect yourself against keyloggers by using a virtual keyboard to access the Internet Branch and to enter your username and password.


  • PASHA Bank never asks for your details or password via email. If you receive an email directing you to a site where you will have to enter your details or password, immediately dial 0212 705 89 00 and advise.
  • Fraudsters may introduce themselves as a lawyer, police, prosecutor, banker, insurance broker, or pretend, in their social media messages/emails, to be your friend or a company you do business with. Do not believe people who ask for your Internet details or the password you would have received via SMS, who want you to make an entry using the keyboard, who say “money had been transferred to your accounts by mistake or as part of a scam; send it to the account we will specify,” or who contact you via email, pretending to be your business partner and ask you to give instruction for a transfer to a different account/IBAN.
  • For Internet access, you must you the most up-to-date version of your browser.
  • When you are on the login page, please check if there is a lock on the lower bar of your browser.
  • Accessing our Bank’s website by entering on your browser’s address bar should be preferred.
  • Windows is the most widely used operating system in the market. No matter what your operating system is, just like antivirus programs, it must be updated regularly (to resolve any security flaws that occur in time). Please make sure that you make these updates regularly.
  • Security of the computer you use for the Internet Branch is very important. While you are using the Internet Branch, you must not leave your computer unattended, and if your computer is also used by others, you must be sure that these people as well pay utmost attention to security. In the event, you are disconnected from the Internet, do not leave the computer unattended before shutting down the Internet Branch screen.
  • You must set up antivirus and spyware programs on the computer you use to connect to the Internet and regularly update them.
  • Do not make your Internet Branch transactions on any computer used by the public or you think might be unsecure.
  • After you finish your PASHA Online transactions, make sure you use the “secure exit” button.
  • Licensed operating system copies must be used, and the Windows security patches must be applied regularly. “Patches” (updates) that software firms post to fix the security flaws must be applied without delay. For Windows, the page must be used.
  • You must delete the emails or files received from people you do not know and not run the attachments you think are not secure, even if they come from people you know.
  • A desktop firewall or a Windows firewall must be used. Posts and services not used with these applications must be shut.
  • To prevent malicious codes damage your system, you must log in to your computer with restricted rights, not administrator rights.
  • When entering your password on the Internet Branch, a virtual keyboard must be preferred.
  • For your security, when setting your Internet password, do not select any numerical combination that can easily be guessed, like the year you were born, and you should regularly change the password. You must also pay attention that it is not the same as your other banking passwords. You should not write your password and user code on any document on your computer or any other physical media; you should not carry it in your wallet or share it with anybody and; you must not forget that your bank identifies you by that password and user code. You must not click on the messages received by email and tell that you had won a cash prize or offer you easy moneymaking methods and ask you to update your details. 
  • When you log in to PASHA Online, check your latest account activities, and if you notice unusual account activities, dial +90 212 705 89 00 and advise.  
  • Do not carry any written note of your password in your wallet or copy it on your mobile phone.
  • If you lose your mobile phone, immediately dial +90 212 705 89 00 and inform our Bank.
  • Check your latest account movements when you have accessed to PASHA Online, provide information in unusual cases by calling +90 212 705 89 00.
  • Do not download applications from anywhere other than the application market (Google Play, Apple Store, Huawei AppGallery, etc.) of your device. Our Bank does not offer any application from anywhere other than the application market.
  • Make sure that downloading of non-market applications option is not selected in your device settings.


Phishing Attacks are fake emails that appear to have been sent by various banks and financial institutions and to have included urgent or important matters.

These messages may direct you to a particular link and thus ask you to enter your card details, Internet Branch password, and other details to be used to the detriment of your interests. You must be careful against such emails and never answer them or share the requested information. 

It is a fact that on the Internet, any person can send emails to any email address. Emails or spam can randomly and simultaneously be sent to millions for fraudulent and defamation purposes or aggressive marketing. No institution is entitled to or capable of identifying and stopping such emails before they are sent.

If you come across any such suspicious email, please call and inform our Bank at +90 212 705 89 00 as soon as possible.

 Security Announcements

The security announcements published by the Banks Association of Turkey are listed below.

  • Information about 4.5G SIM Card Change
  • For the Interbank Card Center’s (BKM) recommendations against social media and mobile application fraud
  • For the Banks Association of Turkey (TBB) announcements
  • Important Recommendations for your ATM, Internet, and Telephone Banking Transactions Security
  • Frequently Asked Questions about One-Time Password
  • For the public service announcement titled "three can keep a secret if two of them are dead,” about phone scams



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