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 Donation and Aid Policy

According to Article 59 of Banking Law 5411, the donations that a bank and its establishments that are subject to consolidated audit can make in one fiscal year cannot exceed four-thousandth of the bank’s equity. At least half of this amount must consist of donations and aids, which can, when calculating the corporation tax deductible from the revenues of the corporation as per Corporation Tax Law 5520 of 13.6.2006, be taken into account as such.

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 Disclosure Policy

scope of the banking secrets and commercial secrets to the shareholders, investors, employees, customers, creditors and all other relevant stakeholders on equal terms as full, timely, accurate, understandable, easy and at the lowest cost possible and the efficient implementation of the public disclosure practices.

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 Ethical Principles

The Bank’s business secrets made available by the Bank or that can be accessed or learned by virtue of duty, information that has not yet been disclosed to the public, information about theemployees’ personal rights and the agreements that were made with third persons must be deemed as confidential and business secret and; utmost care must be taken to protect them.

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 Confidentiality Policy

Article 136 of Turkish Penal Code that is titled “Unlawful giving or obtaining data” includes a provision that reads, “Any person who unlawfully gives personal data to others, and disseminates or obtains them, will be punished with imprisonment of one to four years” and; subparagraph 2 of Article 26 that is titled “Exercise of the right and the consent of the concerned person” includes a provision that reads, “Nobody will be punished for any action committed with the expressed consent of the person, who is the owner of such absolute right which such person can dispose of”.

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 Human Resources Policy

PASHA Bank believes that the most important strategic source in the bank's ability to maintain its competitiveness and achieve its objectives is "human resources."

Our bank has adopted a transparent management approach that enhances employees’ motivation, ensures their commitment, is innovative and open to suggestions for improvement by providing employees with a working environment that is open to communication.

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 Profit Distribution Policy

The Bank’s general policy on profit distribution for payment of dividends to the extent allowed by the financial structure of the Bank, the pending investments, the situation of the sector, the economic conjuncture, and the legislation on banking.

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 Corporate Governance Principles

The Bank’s policy is based on the generally accepted four principles of corporate management, which are transparency, accountability, fairness and responsibility.

Transparency principle means that the information on the existing situation and incidents is accessible, and also concrete and understandable.

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 Compensation Policy

Payments to be made to the personnel who will leave the Bank are calculated in accordance with the legislation, and exceptional practices are decided by the Remuneration Committee by providing information to the Board of Directors.

When deciding the compensation policy regarding the Bank, Labor Law 4857, dated 22.5.2003, will be taken as reference.

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 Remuneration Policy

The scope and structure of the Bank’s activities as well as its strategies have been – within the framework of the Corporate Governance Principles of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, and the Capital Markets Board –organized and set in compliance with its long-term objectives and risk management structure, in order to lay down the remuneration principles in a way that would prevent taking of excessive risks and that would contribute to effective risk management

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 Risk Management Policy

Liquidity risk is the risk arising from not having adequate cash or not having adequate cash inflows to fund cash outflows on time due to to imbalance of cash flows.

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 Conflict of Interest Policy

This policy is intended to clarify the situations that would create conflict of interest through the coverage of the 5 categories contained below;

  • Conflict of interest between the Bank and its employees,
  • Conflict of interest between the employees and/or units,
  • Conflict of interest between different customers of the Bank,
  • Conflict of interest between the Bank employees and the customers,
  • Conflict of interest between the Bank and its customers.

This policy covers our employees of all duties and powers that include all of our Bank’s staff, contracted staff, and temporary staff.

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 Business Continuity Policy

PASHA Bank aims at strengthening its business continuity and risk management capacity and increasing its resilience against extraordinary and unexpected situations for the operational continuity as well as the maintenance in an efficient and uninterrupted manner of the investment banking activities that it provided to its customers and stakeholders. The Bank's business continuity management framework comprises health and safety, statutory regulations, customer satisfaction and expectations, Bank's image and reputation, and financial sustainability.

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 Sustainabilty, Environment and Social Responsibility Policy

The sustainability, social and environmental management approach of PASHA Yatıtım Bankası A.Ş. is based on the basic principles summarized in the following PDF file.

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 Personal Data Protection Policy

The objective of the Personal Data Protection System is ensuring the establishment and implementation by the Bank of its own standards in the management of personal data; identification and support of organizational targets and obligations; establishment of control mechanisms in line with the Bank's acceptable risk level; fulfillment of the Bank's obligations under international law in the field of protection of personal data, the Constitution, laws, contracts and professional rules, and the protection of the interests of individuals in the best way.

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 Order Fulfillment Policy

 Misconduct Prevention Policy

In general, “misconduct” is defined as infamous offenses like embezzlement, extortion, bribery, theft, forgery, abuse of authority and all acts contrary to our bank's ethical principles.

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