PASHA Bank Turkey celebrated its 5th anniversary with a special artwork

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PASHA Bank Turkey celebrated its 5th anniversary with a special event at its new Head Office building hosted by Jalal Gasimov, Chairman of PASHA Bank Turkey and CEO of PASHA Holding and PASHA Bank Turkey CEO H. Cenk Eynehan.  PASHA Group as well as the leading names of art and business joined the event.

PASHA Bank Turkey, targeting to contribute to the development of regional trade between Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia by the combination of artistic and cultural bonds, this time welcomed its guests with a work of art specially designed for the 5th year. The sculptor Mert Ege Köse has created a sculpture called “Birlik” (“Unity”) especially for the 5th anniversary.

Expressing his happiness for the 5th year, PASHA Bank Turkey CEO H. Cenk Eynehan said: "We aimed to blend our cultural structure with artistic ties since the first day of our establishment. We took our first step in this issue 3 years ago with the ArTriangle 'City Stories Photography Exhibition', which reflects our common life culture. We share it with the artwork of Mr. Mert Ege, “Unity”, and we thank all our stakeholders and artists for not leaving us alone on this special night”.

Sculpture artist Mert Ege Köse, regarding his work "Unity" relying on the question, "What holds us together?” he explained: "The answer was absolutely ‘belief’. Believing in the job, believing in purpose, believing you can do it, coming together, gathering around a fire, and power, belief, purpose that lifts us out of bed every morning. This is what keeps us together: unity”. Using various materials such as iron, copper and aluminum, Köse expressed: "Bringing together these materials in terms of visual aesthetic and technical point of view was difficult though it was very exciting to work in this integrity for me. When we started to work on this project with PASHA Bank Turkey, I got attracted to an important point: three countries’ unity: Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, the countries that share the same geography, common values, and natural beauty even though there are borders between them. This gave direction to my work. On the other hand, it was the factor of faith and passion. At this point, using the fire metaphor, an energy source, was a good example for the concept of unity. Because what you can do with this resource is entirely in your hands… You can illuminate the night with fire, warm up, beat the iron or gather around it, but you can’t do any of them when there is no fire… In summary, the work is the symbol of faith and passion, gathered around the fire, different but together, dynamic but solid, visionary but rooted”.

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