We Support The Enhancement of the Relations with our Financial Experience

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Interview: H.Cenk Eynehan

“We Support The Enhancement of the Relations with our Financial Experience”

While underlining PASHA Bank's assurance in commercial relations between Turkey and Georgia, Eynehan said that Georgia, which has become a center of attraction for investors with its infrastructure and superstructure projects, is also a new and potential market for Turkish firms.

He stated that they supported through PASHA Bank Georgia all the companies that want to do business with and are planning to invest in Georgia and that they aimed at becoming the first bank coming to mind in the region.

“We support the enhancement of the relations with our financial experience”

Operating as separate legal entities in Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia, the PASHA Bank shows effort to turn the financial links between these countries into a strong structure. Pointing out that the trade volume of the ongoing projects in the region will increase, PASHA Bank Georgia Member of the Board of Directors and Turkey General Manager H. Cenk Eynehan says “The relations between these three countries will be further enhanced in the medium term. And we will always keep supporting this process. Especially ensuring the sturdily conducting of the relations with our financial experience consists our main mission.”

Stating that PASHA Bank, providing sustainable banking service to its corporate customers, strives to contribute to the development of regional trade in the triangle embracing Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia, H. Cenk Eynehan says “For taking safe and solid steps in Georgia, PASHA Bank which was established in 2015 is one of the primary decisions of the Turkish firms aiming for growth and desiring to make investment in the country.” Noting that Georgia, which became an attraction center for investors in terms of infrastructure and superstructure projects, is a new market with great potential for Turkish firms, Eynehan says “PASHA Bank supports all the companies wishing to make trade and investments in Georgia. As PASHA Bank, we want to become the first bank that comes to mind in the region.”

Giving information about the service the PASHA Bank provides to the investors in the region, H.Cenk Eynehan says that they support the investors as a guarantor by fulfilling the letter of guarantee req est which the companies encounter especially in their cross-border operations. Adding that they can also supply all the credit needs of the companies wanting to do business in Georgia, Eynehan continues “In addition, the investments or foreign trade transactions that are made with Azerbaijan or Georgia using the local currencies of these two countries can easily be traced in the Azerbaijani Manat (AZN) and Georgian Lari (GEL) accounts opened in PASHA Bank Turkey, these can be converted into other currencies or Turkish Lira with competitive exchange rates, and the transfer procedures can easily and swiftly made between our banks operating in these three countries.”

Eynehan lists the main activity areas of the bank in Georgia as; providing extensive service in cash credit, letter of guarantee, letter of credit, project financing, treasury transactions, syndication loans and foreign trade financing.
Eynehan says “We break new grounds in the region covering Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia by guaranteeing within the body of PASHA Bank the due debt of our clients arising from their sales and also providing financial support.”

Resource: Dünya Newspaper, Georgia Country File,
June 2017

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